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Tutorial cu imagini in limba Engleza

Step 0: Register for Cex.io from this link: https://cex.io

Follow the steps in the order listed :

Step 1: Log in with your username and password and click " Fund Account"

 Step 2: Email from your bitcoin wallet to the address you listed in Table 2
* Step 2 : You can also send LTC and NMC
Step 3: Wait until your BTC will send to your account ( may take between 30-90 minutes)
Step 4: Given the BTC and your account click Trade

Step 5 : Click " Instant Buy / Sell"

Step 6: Get the number of BTC that you got in your account or the number you want to buy .
Step 7: Insert the amount to buy in Table 7 ( BTC ) .
Step 8: Click " Buy Now"
You got your ghâsh undermining but we can check as follows :
Step 9: click GHash.io ago (Table 9 )

Step 10: In box 10 find the average speed in the last 5 minutes. Refresh the page to refresh . You start to mine about 2 minutes after you bought your ghâsh
Step 11: In the Box 11 can still view your statistics mined. The actual speed at which these mining in your pool

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